Rehabilitation Specialists in Toronto

Forging an active lifestyle is a journey and Reforge Group is here to support your journey. Reforge Group offers people the support and tools needed to maintain, rebuild and continue forging their active lifestyle.





We provide affordable one-on-one therapy sessions to treat a variety of common conditions.

Registered Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can be an important aspect of maintaining a fit and healthy body.

Athletic Therapy

Athletic Therapy is rehabilitation and prevention of musculoskeletal injuries.
Pre-Op Exercises


Assess conditions related to the spine, nervous system and joints. Diagnose, prevent and treat by chiro adjustments.

Fundamental Goal Session

Your Free Fundamental Goal will assess and develop an appropriate plan based on your specific health goals, including improved movement, increased strength, weight loss or injury prevention.
Post-op Exercises

Nutrition Coaching

Food is smart, and so is your body. Fuel your body with the right food at the right time to start running efficiently, get stronger, have more energy and sleeping better.
General Exercise

Personal Training

Personal trainers keep you motivated and take your workouts to a whole other level. Personal trainers have been educated to help develop and implement exercise programs that are safe, powerful, beneficial, and appropriate for YOU.

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What others thought

Last Thursday night I sprained my foot and had a couple of bones out of place from such a fluky injury warming up on an assault bike. I couldn’t have done the Open 16.2 without the help of so many people working over the weekend physio, massage therapist, athletic therapist. I am really surrounded by such a great support staff with Crossfit Colosseum. I can’t thank all the people enough that worked on my foot!! I did 16.2 tonight with one attempt at it after almost 5 days fully off which felt like two weeks off! So happy I was able to do the workout and did better than I expected! Thank you again to everyone! Still in the competition.

Carolyn Prevost
CrossFit Regional Competitor
CWHL Player
2007-08 National Women’s Under 18 team