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#1 | August 2018 | Volume 1

Jill Cann: Balancing Strength, Mobility and Endurance

Jill Cann is an aspiring powerlifter who has her eyes set on competition in national level events. Not only is Jill a competitive powerlifter, she is also a Crossift Athlete and Coach as well as a full time teacher(In her spare time). Jill is a dedicated athlete who has set and continued to achieve impressive goals.

Tell us about your athletic journey.

I had a pretty sedentary lifestyle and wasn’t as sveldt as I wanted to be. So for my 30th birthday I decided to join a gym and get fit. Quickly I became obsessed with it! Over the years I began to take interest in power lifting. After my first competition I only got more heavily motivated. I am currently preparing for my next big event in March 2019 at CPU Nationals.

What Goals/Milestones are you currently Reaching for?

My goals are to have a 330lb deadlift, a 300lb back squat and a 200lb bench press in time for my next competition. I can’t stress enough how important it is to surround yourself in people that understand and can visualise your goals with you.

What are you doing to stay on track?

To achieve these goals I have enlisted the help of JD Middleton, Steph Earl and the team at Reforge. Together with the help of these individuals I’ve been able to formulate a plan. JD is in my ear all the time to help me push out those extra reps and the therapists at Reforge are there to help me recover from those extra reps!

What does my average week look like?

Usually I do powerlifting workouts 5 days per week, WODs 2 days per week and strongman training 1 day per week. ! I prepare and portion out my week’s worth of meals ahead of time with the assistance of Ashley from Reforge.

How do you plan to celebrate?

Doing all the WODs I wasn’t allowed to do during training and eating high fat foods (pulled pork tacos please!) That won’t last too long though as I will be right back it two weeks after to prepare for my next competition a few months from then.

What advice would you give someone who is trying to reach a goal?

Find and surround yourself with fun and knowledgeable people who can help you and motivate you!

What about someone who has yet to set a goal?

My favourite highschool English teacher always taught us to “begin with the end in mind” when writing an essay. This can apply to accomplishing really anything.

What keeps your motivated?

I really don’t know I think I’m just addicted…

Jill’s Shout-outs

JD Middleton

JD has been a huge asset and an amazing trainer. He’s helped me to increase my bench press and squat by 20lbs in only 2 months!

Steph Earl

She has been an amazing help to me for everything powerlifting related including cutting weight and getting ready for competition

Irina Marga

Best handler a girl could ask for and what better company for long drives and long competition days.

“Réveille-toi avec détermination, endors-toi avec satisfaction”


Favourite Quote

Favourite Movements

Bench Press

Back Squat

Strict Pull Ups

Kipping Hand Stand Pushups