Our Philosophy

At Reforge Group we believe that recovery and injury prevention is an integral part of individuals active lifestyles. Hard work and physical activity leaves you with aches and pains which are common when forging an active lifestyle. It is our goal to ensure these aches and pains are managed and that chronic injury is avoided.

Our leading experts know just how difficult injuries can be and their expertise ensures that you are able to quickly recover when you are injured. Physical and active endeavours is what you love and rebuilding is our expertise, allowing you to get back to what you love sooner and in the best state. We are there to reforge active lifestyles.

We are the leading experts in Sports Medicine, Massage Therapy and Physiotherapy in the Toronto Area.

  • Assessment $90
  • Treatment $75
  • Massage
    • $75 (45 minutes)
    • $90 (60 minutes)
    • $125 (90 minutes)

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Our Approach to Affordable, Flexible Care

To make your care more affordable and flexible Reforge Group have become a proud member of the Healkore Client Care Network . This gives you more access to appointment time slots, treatment types, treatment locations as well as the ability to earn rewards for each treatment carried out which you can put towards any Healkore service. Click here to explore the many benefits of becoming a Healkore registered client