We are committed to offering treatments, services and a team that is dedicated to active lifestyles and the pursuit of Personal Optimization. Personal Optimization is unique to the individual – maybe you want to be able to Squat 400lbs or perhaps you just want to keep up with your grandchildren. The similarity is in optimizing your movement and health to allow you to achieve your goals and doing so as efficiently as possible.

The intention of our blog is to provide you with the tools, information and education required to support your health/fitness journey.

Monthly Movers Series: Zach Warrick

Monthly Mover #2 | December 2018 | Volume 6 I played a variety of sports growing up and throughout high school. At university I played Varsity Rugby. Post university I turned to powerlifting as I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the weight room throughout school. I left...

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Monthly Movers Series: Tara Veldman

Monthly Mover #2 | OCtober 2018 | Volume 2 I started in dance when I was really young and continued until I finished high school. I also played field hockey in high school. Once I graduated high school I had a whole bunch of years where I didn’t do much of anything. I...

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Monthly Movers Series: Sarah Conway

Monthly Mover #2 | September 2018 | Volume 2 When I was much younger I actually started my athletic journey in dance and equestrian horseback riding, when I was in grade 6, I made a pretty huge jump over to hockey. After about 2 years, I began to make travel and more...

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Monthly Movers Series: Jill Cann

Monthly Mover #1 | August 2018 | Volume 1 Jill Cann is an aspiring powerlifter who has her eyes set on competition in national level events. Not only is Jill a competitive powerlifter, she is also a Crossift Athlete and Coach as well as a full time teacher(In her...

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Reaching Milestones: An Action Plan

  What Keeps You Up at Night?    Are you still struggling to get that first Muscle Up?  Or perhaps you’ve given up trying because of that nagging shoulder injury?     The Solution to Sleep… An Action Plan!    Whether you are chasing that new PR...

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