Personal Optimization

Keeping in line with our mission of Personal Optimization our first blog series will look at 3 significant areas which impact your ability to reach Personal Optimization;

  1. The Four Components for Success
  2. The Four Barriers Inhibiting Success
  3. The Processes and Tools to Support Success

The first article is going to highlight and define the Four Components to Personal Optimization. Once defined we will then break down the benefits of each of these components in subsequent blogs, providing further insight – which will be authored by the unique members of our team who represent these components.

The Four Components

Physical Rehabilitation is not limited to injury recovery but is rather a necessary component of injury prevention and movement optimization. Utilizing services such as Athletic Therapy, Registered Massage Therapy and Chiropractic’s, you are able to move optimally, improving your bodies position leading up to, during and after stress – such as weightlifting, gymnastics and aerobics. Without optimal movement we limit our ability to perform to the best of our ability.

Example: Think “elbows up”, while it is an important cue while front squatting, if you are unable to get into an “elbows up” position as a result of tight lats, shoulders, or a variety of other common limiting factors you will never be able to reach a true 1 rep max. #Movement #Recovery #Prevention

Exercise/Fitness comes in many shapes and sizes but can be thought of as the act of physical exertion for an extended period of time. Exercise is often one of the primary ways in which we measure performance and health optimization. By putting our body into a state of stress we engage our bodies natural adaption leading to improvement and optimization. Like anything without practice we never truly can reach our potential, making exercise not only extremely important in improving our ability to perform under stress, and subsequently improving our resting state, but also necessary to track and measure improvement.

Example: If you sign up for a 10km run you start with a goal or a measure of performance or expected outcome and then establish a training protocol which includes various types of exercise – all of which are designed to increase your aerobic capacity by placing your body under stress. During your physical training you are mentally becoming more comfortable with being in a prolonged state of duress and become comfortable during an extended bout of exercise. On the day of the race your body has physically adapted to perform the task at hand optimally, you are mentally prepared for the stress and the 10km race itself (a form of exercise) measures your performance. #Goal #PhysicalAdaptation #Fitness #Goal

Lifestyle takes into account the various components of your personal lifestyle and works with the factors of your life that are unique to you. This includes personal goals, health benefits, time constraints, to name a few. While the other three components are applicable to all, without a defined goal we can never define “personal optimization” making lifestyle so important. This is where your unique goal is determined, assessed, planned for and acted upon.

Example: A CrossFit Coach’s “personal optimization” is very different than that of an 85-year-old. They are both looking to achieve optimal movement whether it be strict pressing 200lbs or putting the groceries away pain free. In order to achieve their “personal optimization” both most leverage their personal lifestyles. The CrossFit Coach may be able to train more and at a higher intensity, and the 85 year old focuses on general maintenance and proper care. Both individuals may also utilize any extended healthcare benefits to further support their goals. Both individuals if planned properly leverage their unique opportunities and as a result will be on a path towards Personal Optimization. #Goal #Plan #Benefits

Nutrition is crucial for your general well-being, health, performance optimization and recovering. Without proper nutrition you reduce your required nutrient intake increasing the likelihood for disease. Not only is your body not as healthy as possible but it is unable to recover from exercise as quickly, leaving you in a state of suboptimal training, creating further setback as your exercise/fitness component is not fully utilized. Nutrition is also an important component of exercise, even if you are fully recovered your body must be properly fueled to train at an optimal level – increasing the time under stress or the level of stress – leading to further adaptation and increased optimization.

Example: A car no matter how expensive must be maintained and fueled properly. Without proper fueling including gasoline type, oil, or electrical charge – will not perform to the best of its ability. By improperly or running out of fuel you also instil lasting damage on your car, which often cannot be undone. While we are not cars we are essentially machines, which must be fueled properly in order to run optimally. #Fuel #Recovery #Nutrients

Putting It All Together

As you can see from the above Personal Optimization is achievable if you are exposed to and utilize the proper tools, services and education. We have strived to include all Four Components into Reforge Group, including a variety of services including Athletic Therapy, Nutrition Coaching, Massage Therapy, Fundamental Goal Sessions and Personal Training. We also leverage partnerships with local affiliates such as CrossFit Colosseum and Healkore, both of which provide access to additional services, and include ways in which costs associated with Personal Optimization are reduced (which will be discussed in further detail in a later blog post). We are very excited to play a role in your health and well-being and hope that you take full advantage of everything you have at your disposal!

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Stay Tuned

Stay tuned for subsequent blog posts, authored by the in-house experts which will go into further detail about each of the Four Components. We will then look at the Four Barriers to “Personal Optimization” and the ways in which we are breaking down those barriers – providing you with everything you need to achieve your goals!