What Keeps You Up at Night? 


Are you still struggling to get that first Muscle Up?  Or perhaps you’ve given up trying because of that nagging shoulder injury?  


The Solution to Sleep… An Action Plan! 


Whether you are chasing that new PR (personal record) or recovering from a recurring injury, it is vital to set a specific and measurable goal.  In order to achieve this, your goal needs to include a timeline and a realistic plan of attack including the necessary tasks that can adapt as you progress, ultimately getting you to your end goal as quickly and efficiently as possible! 


We call this an #ActionPlan.   


What It Looks Like in Practice.  


Still not sure how an Action Plan works? How does it apply to me? I’m confused. Now let’s break down an Action Plan using one of the most common goals….. The #MuscleUp  


Jon Doe is a 30 year old, 225 pound, 5’6 athlete that’s been CrossFitting for 3+ years, and still cannot do a muscle up.  He first started CrossFit after watching the CrossFit Games and was inspired by the athletes who were stringing multiple muscle ups in a row and has wanted to get one ever since! The problem is, Jon never really set a definitive goal and certainly never stuck with anything. Hence why he’s still scaling with regular pull-ups whenever muscle up’s show up in a workout -sound familiar?   


As nutrition and fitness go hand in hand, we would first take a look at Jon’s weight and food intake by setting him up for a Nutrition Coaching session. We can all agree that doing a body weight exercise while wearing a 20lbs weight vest is much more challenging than doing it without one. So, by losing a few pounds and ensuring a healthy diet, we can expect Jon to be much more efficient at gymnastic body weight movements.   


To perform the muscle up, it requires specific skills and drills involving additional technique and strength work. Strength in both the pull up and ring dip, along with an efficient transitional component is essential. In order to break this down for Jon, we would set up him with a Personal Training session to establish a base line and a realistic plan to work on his specific weaknesses.   


Depending on Jon’s movement, his mobility may require some attention in order to optimally achieve certain exercises. For example, if he doesn’t have full range of motion through his shoulders, he may be severely limited in completing the movement itself and even at risk of injury. If this were the case, we would set up him up with either Athletic TherapyMassage Therapy, or Chiropractic to get a thorough assessment, treatment and specific rehab exercises to help him increase his mobility to ensure he is moving better and is less susceptible to injury.   


Finally, it is important to have your Action Plan on paper.  


Action Plan 


Goal   Achieve First Muscle Up 
Timeline  4 Months  
Service Type    
Nutrition Coaching   1x Monthly 
Personal Training   1x Monthly  
Athletic Therapy   1x Bi-weekly 
Reassessment Date   4 Weeks 


Prepare for Life’s Curve-balls.   


Your Action Plan is designed to provide you with a comprehensive plan for a best-case scenario. By following an action plan, and being able to see measurable changes and improvements, Jon will be much more likely stick to his goal. However, we all know that life is known for throwing us curve-balls which limits what we can accomplish. Don’t stress it if you aren’t able to always strictly follow your Action Plan, our team of dedicated professionals are here to assist you! By establishing someone to help hold you accountable and check in on your progress, you are more likely to achieve your desired goals!   


Take Action 


Book in for a Fundamental Goal Session to establish your goals and get started on the right path! Already have a goal in mind?  Book in now to get an Action Plan designed and put in place by your therapist or coach for optimal success!