It’s important to recover properly and effectively after you’ve had an operation. Post-op exercises are extremely important to stimulate blood flow and circulation to your recently operated area. Our team of exercise experts will help you develop a treatment plan so that you can continue to move forward towards a complete recovery. Our treatment plan will focus on the Crossfit Methodology; without putting any added pressure to your body and continue your swift recovery. Our exercise plan will be very specific to your surgery and injury recovery. CrossFit can provide you with the perfect exercise regime as our program can be fairly simple and can be catered to those with little to no experience.

Our daily post-op exercises will help accelerate the recovery process so that you can quickly return to your active lifestyle with full confidence. We recommend that our post-op exercises be paired with our pre-op exercises to help reduce the risk of post-op complications and accelerate the recovery process. Our recovery experts will give you the skills, tools and the confidence to carry out your recovery regime and get back to the old, healthy you.