Before heading into surgery, it is important to set your body up for a quick recovery. Pre-op exercises can contribute to conditioning, strengthening, and improving flexibility; when your body has been primed, it will reduce trauma from surgery. Pre-op exercise can also be very beneficial for reducing the risk of post-op complications and lessening the length of your hospital stay.

Pre-op exercise does not have to be strenuous- it can be as simple as lifting yourself from a chair to strengthen your arms and joints. With our pre-op exercise regime, we can advise on the best pre op exercises and develop a pre op treatment plan based on your particular case. Depending on the surgery, exercises will vary to condition the areas of focus.

Through our partnership we leverage the Crossfit Methodology and the utilization of Crossfit Colosseums facility. The versatility of the CrossFit program allows it to be highly customizable based on ability level and goals. Our pre op treatment is also meant to be ideal for whole-body conditioning, contributing to your overall health. It is an optimal regimen for pre-operative exercise because workouts can be tailored to target the area being prepared for surgery.